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Whether you are looking to make a single-room addition or a multiple-room addition to your home, Big Buck Construction offers high-quality room addition services that best fit your needs. Our skilled team of professionals have over 20 years of quality experience. We can help you with a stunning idea for your living room addition in Cedar Rapids or even design the best family room addition, giving you the beautiful home you’ve always imagined. We’re dedicated to providing you with the personalized assistance you need to transform your home. Contact our team today for an estimate!

Single-Room Addition

A single-room addition is a simple, yet effective way to add more usable square footage to your home. The most common single-room additions are living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. At Big Buck Construction, you will get all the help you require, whether you have a general idea of what you want from your addition or need help designing a room that fulfills your family’s unique needs. It’s our goal to provide our customers with the support they need throughout the process, from designing your addition to completion.


Multiple room additions are the best way to make a more drastic change to your home. The most common additions that homeowners pursue are two-story additions, second story additions, split-level extensions, and in-law additions. Big Buck Construction is your go-to source for adding multiple rooms to your existing home when you simply don’t have enough space for your growing family. We will closely look at your structure and recommend the appropriate steps to ensure you get the functional area you require.

Contact our team today to get started on your new room additions in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! We’re waiting to help you improve your home, no matter what type of addition you require.

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